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Travel Activity Boards

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  • Material: WOOD

  • Accessories: metal, plastic, textile

  • Size: from 40 to 50+ CM


  • Hand painted

  • Various types

  • Possibility to choose from already realized projects


  • Basic price is 129€ + shipping

  • May vary based on different customer requirements  


  • Possibility of custom design for 10€ extra charge

  • Choice of custom designs, colours and sizes

Thank you for order and your idea design


A unique developmental aid for the growth of children's skills and intellect - activity board. It combines aesthetics with use. Cheerful characters will attract children's attention at every moment, and various types of accessories will take care of their occupation during the day. All this supplemented by active development and growth in the spirit of the Montessori principles of learning. Monte Board thus becomes a great baby-sitter and teacher in one.


The base of the Monte Board is a hard wooden board. The shapes are adapted to the requirements of parents and their children, from mini travel versions and smaller squares, through larger houses to fairy-tale characters such as a fox, llama, teddy bear, fairy or flamingo. There are no limits to ideas with us, so we are able to produce almost anything for you upon request.

All materials and accessories used are selected with regard to the safety and health of the smallest users.

Contribute to the development of your children and put a smile on their faces thanks to one of the Monte Boards.

Travel Activity Boards

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