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Activity Board

Design didactic tool inspired by the MONTESSORI approach, focused on the development of fine motor skills and learning associated with entertainment.


Travel Board

When your kid will fall in love with our activity board you might appreciate a travel version that is easy to carry anywhere… keep your kid entertained in car

Activity Board


Custom made (name, photo, character)

Hand painted

Any design

Each piece original

world delivery

Do you have pet you would like to have as board? Or does your kid have any favorite character? Maybe hobby?


Anything is possible …


Are happy seeing their kids enjoying play

Have little more time :)

Design piece for home that match room requirements (color, design)

Just more than regular square board…


Develop cognitive functions – learn practical things -  have fun  - enjoy special character – have unique toy - surprise awaiting…


Looking for great/unique gift?

See your kid playing and growing

Make your child happy right now – order here

Lucy Mark is an increasingly well-known name and brand in the field of design, creativity and ideas, under which the designer, painter, artist and mother appear.


Her goal is to bring unique products that stimulate creativity and joy in the development while playing to the world of children.


With a focus on creating products that carry the energy of love and enthusiasm for work, Lucy and her team get the most beautiful result in the form of a wide smile of children and the joy of parents from the growth and enthusiasm of their little ones.


We are ready to make a gift that will beautify your home, conjure a smile and lead to the development of your little ones skills.

Who we are - About us

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Where we already are

  • Czech Republic

  • Slovakia

  • Italy

  • Germany

  • Finland

  • Norway

  • Spain

  • Russia

  • USA

  • Great Britain

  • Ireland

  • Ukraine

  • Sweden

waiting for you to broaden our base of satisfied customers



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